Mathematical Libraries, Tools, and Visualizations.

Scalable Diagrams for Journals, Magazines, and Patents.


vishwakarma is a library that renders visualizations that are mathematically accurate in various formats, such as, JPG/PNG, PDF, etc. The supported visualizations are continuous & discrete probability distributions, probabilistic graphical models, and more!

vishwakarma is a client side library that is available on PyPi [here], and installable using pip install vishwakarma. Internally, it calls the Vishwakarma SaaS API hosted on Diagram AI. The various modules are pdfplot (for continuous distributions), pmfplot (for discrete distributions), and pgmplot (for PGMs based on pgmpy). Support for other libraries such as PyMC3, Tensorflow Probability, etc., is being added. Please get in touch with us if you have any requirements.